Dread challenge Part 6

Ok a fairly productive day, I managed to complete the arm.

After that I wanted to work on the engine, so I created an exhaust pipe.

For the next Picture a national mourning day was issued across the world you'll see that it is indeed a sad day.

As you can see my new unworked ork bike squad donated some pieces for the cause.

I used a treasue chest cover to simulate a badly placed fuel tank and the pieces from the ork biker arm to colorful a bit more the engine area.

After that I created an ork symbol to adorn the front:

With all the work done I decided that a second arm wasnt my choice so I created a twin shoota:

I you are careful you'll tell me what is the touch I added.

Now I have 2 problems, first one is how I'm going to finish the dread top, and how to model the CC weapon. meanwhile for those interested here are my previous articles:
Initial work on the arm
Increased feets
Hip Construction

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