So far in this tale...

not really a tale but anyway  I´m reviewing my activities for the closing year.
After a long hiatus from the hobby (not the one from this year), I finally returned this year, first by purchasing a black reach set box,  sadly is only just primed to the day, that because I didn't had the time but at least the few precious moments I had for the hobby were used in my  blog, something I finally decided to create it after observing the recent expansion of the comunity on the online universe.

What I got as a result of but of those 2 decisions:
First a lot of hobby knowledge from how to paint to how to model, and all between them.
Second  the courage to tackle my own personal conversion ideas the defkopta and the deff dread.
Third a great network of friendships all around the globe  (Flekkzo and Pablo el Marquez Im watching you).

All points equally important.

what could been better: to have a lot more time for my hobby not just free time and not suffered the accident that crippled me for the last 2 months and is still going to do for a few more.

What I expect from the near future:

March is an importan month for me since I'm planing to get an ork truck a rhino and some other kits if I manage to get the money by then.
Do some more conversion specially some scratch built mega nobs.

Also last but not least, I want to thank some special people in no particular order:
Mike from Warhammer Santa Cruz for unwillingly giving me the push I needed to start my blog, and the idea for create my defkopta.
Flekkzo for being my most important collaborator this year (keep an eye open next year something is coming your way)
Ron  for his work on the FTW group and  for accepting me in.
Jabawalls for inspiring me to improve my painting skills.
Dave Tailor for the showing in his blog how to post  his work on plasticard and a lot of inspiration.
Pablo el Marques for getting me in touch with the Spanish side of the community

Ok. I better stop now or I wont finish this post so thanks and happy new year  for every one online that cares for the hobby.


  1. Happy new year! Scratch built Ork Nobz? Wow, I think that you didn't see a doc but rather a dok after that accident:) Hope you are feeling much better (and warmer than me, I am freezing up here in cold Minnesota!).

    And once more, but in the native tongue of the Space wolves, Gott Nytt År!

  2. ok they will be nobs in mega armor that are more easy to do.

  3. Mega armor, that just makes it cooler:) I look forward to seeing what you come up with. Plus GW really need to fix up some new kits for meganobz and generic Ork HQs. That said, that new mekboy from forgeworld looks so cool:)



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