Things one should not do.

I had an strange urge today so I went to  the warstore to get 2 painting books the citadel miniatures and space marines ones and the IG, SW and tyranid codices. so I'm $105 poorer and to top it out I followed to  Amazon and got me 3 PSP games so another $65 went to my birthday pool. problem it is in 2 months so I'm going to get caught and the wife is already sensitive.

Ahh what im going to do? I already spent my allowance and some minis are comming my way anyway in march for I need to have an ork truck and a landrider.



  1. My friend. Take it like a man and realize you can't win :) Good luck with your orders and don't forget to be extra nice to the wife:)

  2. Te iba a contestar en el otro thread, pero creo que talvez sea mejor en este.

    Podes escribirme a mi email, was_used ... es cuenta de yahoo, pero no la completo por aqueo de que no me gusta poner cuentas de correo completas en internet. Entonces solo agregale el

    Te cuento que no me aguante y compre el assault on black reach starter set. Ya llevo 7 orks pintados :D

    voy a poner esto en el otro thread igual, por cualquier cosa.

  3. @ Flekkzo, thanks, I already followed your advice, I purchased a modu phone to the wife, since it is so small it made her happy.
    I'm breathing easy and planning the proper item introduction into the house as to lower suspicion.

    @Raindengard gracias te estoy enviando el correo en un momento y muy buena politica la de no dar la cuenta concreta. y por la miniaturas muy bien ese es el punto correcto.

  4. Question is, does your wife recognize new models? You can always claim it's an old one you found in the basement:)

    (on a serious note, better to be honest. Even if it is better to ask forgiveness than permission:) )

    Ever thought of making, painting, and selling some models on eBay? Your dreads looked pretty cool!

  5. thanks I will try to make some more before going that route but it is worth trying.
    and sure my wife does notice that if it shines enought to please her or not.



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