When you are limited to buy miniatures.

After  a long hiatus I'm getting back into posting, one of the things that get my eye was a post from a fellow citizen, he asked about getting into the hobby, unfortunately I couldn't answer on time but  the point got me thinking and remembering.

You see in my country getting into a hobby already deemed expensive is extra hard,  mostly because a person that earns $1k is a highly paid one, also  there are few, if any stores that sells the miniatures we all love.

This post is already sounding a bit a whining but it is not, so please bear with me, because there is hope for me and everyone else that live outside reach of a store too this point is mostly personal but has helped me get along during my drought periods.

What I have done is first planning my purchases a lot for example: getting mostly codices  and/or sadly focusing on a particular system for a given purchasing period. 

How to pay:
Then I get a good c.c. that  is important in this scenario since all web sites work with c c only and cash is not an option, also the interest rates and other cost  should be minimal since you need that money for your miniatures.

Where to go:
Next you need to find a reliable vendor, for me it is Neal from The WarStore, he is so good  to go the extra length and to get me Spanish books at great prices too.  but Ebay is another option too and a rather good one if you are careful,   before bidding review the seller stats  if it has a high number of positive reviews then you have a better chance. then and this is important never lost focus on what you want to do, it is not getting the miniatures only, the savings  are important.

Shipping and taxes
Be careful on the shipping rates because a good purchase could be ruined because of that. you need  to know your taxes on average I pay from 20 to 25 cents for every dollar including taxes, but my country has an exception that if you comply with the rules could let you get up to $500.00 tax free and that is a lot of money to save for future purchases. The next point is getting  a good  PO box that offers secure shipping because using the standar mail could be a bit unsecured in some countries, in mine you could use TransExpress among others, read your options to get the better one based on your shopping pattern.

Thanks for reading so far I hope that my  advice is useful for someone and  until next time and behold the effort from one year of planning and purchasing.


  1. Second-hand is a good way to restart, e.g. eBay.

  2. Thanks John, Second hand is a cheap way to get some minis, my personal problem for me is that so far all second hand minis where I live are mine, hehehehe.

  3. Te iba a contestar en el otro thread, pero creo que talvez sea mejor en este.

    Podes escribirme a mi email, was_used ... es cuenta de yahoo, pero no la completo por aqueo de que no me gusta poner cuentas de correo completas en internet. Entonces solo agregale el @yahoo.com

    Te cuento que no me aguante y compre el assault on black reach starter set. Ya llevo 7 orks pintados :D

    voy a poner esto en el otro thread igual, por cualquier cosa.



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