The hobby is spreading in Guatemala

I received great news today, Ashi decided that a Blog was in order and that is great since we cannot have a lot of contact even living in a small city as Guatemala.

He is a great painter and even the few current pictures posted show it.

If you are interested you can visit him at: Ashi's Miniatures

I hope that is just the beginning of a strong Warhammer network  in Guatemala.

Reingard I hope you take the hint.


  1. Getting more people into the hobby is always good. Hope you get some games in as well between your Orky Konversions:)

  2. woot official announcement of my blog :D

    added a third space marine today, check it out.

  3. The gigantic battle on sunday was awesome. Yet after giving the rules a read today I feel we skipped a lot. I will try to write in a sheet of paper a lot of the steps we missed so that we take full advantage of the rules.

    Or we can discuss them because to me the AP rules make it a bit unfair for orks. Unless we bring more orks ;)

  4. The no saves for the Orks because they have such bad saves and few guns have Ap - is really a bummer sometimes. The name of the game is to keep your Orksies in cover. Read all about cover in the rulebook.

    Also bring a painboy with your Nobz. Makes them more resillient:) Feel no pain makes them tough for sure. And get them into CC with the marines to give them a good bashin' and krumpin':)

    I have also heard about boyz before toys, but it seems like Nob Bikers are popular anyways:)

  5. Yeah I think we have to include cover in the next game. I might be the referee next time so that Woroxon gets a chance to play :P

    I need to study the rulebook a little bit more. Between painting, reading and working I find myself without time to do much of anything.

    We might have a tyranid army to go up against and killing some bugs sounds fun :D

  6. Im already ordering more orks and maybe but it is an strech a sabol armi transport so my models are better protected.

    about studing the game yes we really need and since the game went more smoot this time , more rules usage is in order.



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