Space Marines vs Orks.

We gathered for a second round this sunday with Reingard, Ashi theirt cousin and  a newcomer Hellboy.

this time I couldn't play but at least I'm happy with my orks since the won another time  this time none emerged alive from the battle and the Space marines had varely suffered some loses.

as Ashi pointed in a comment we need to start really learning the rules since even when the game went faster we still are not using terrain and we made another set of mistakes.

after finally getting a pair of tables  we arranged armies as follows:
Ashi and his cousing used the SM while hellboy and reingard used the Orks.

both armies deployed in a straight line
Ashi and his cousing decided to hold the line and get some time shooting  Orks,
the orks went first but didnt seized the oportunity in the end they ran all their units for 2 turns. before being in assault range.

the interesting pint in the game came when the 2 dreads clashed where the SM dread managed to inmobiliced the Ork dread but in return was destrroyed leaving a fixed weapon platarform.

here was the begining of the end. from here it was just a matter of time before the assalult.

In short a magnificent afternoon with lots of spectactors interested in the game. next time I hope we have some terrain and more painted orks since they are so few points per mini that we havent used all my space marines but more thant used my orks.


  1. Have you seen the ork stompa?!?!?!

  2. Orks should get a whole lot more dangerous with terrain. Break out some cardboard and glue some ruins and houses together. Goes real fast and gives you some ok terrain to use in the meantime.

    Also nothing like good size of boys charging into assault. Hit us with a battle report next time:)

  3. EXELENTE TARDE....GRACIAS POR DEJARME JUGAR CON TUS MINIS WOROXON... GEEN POWER!!!!!! espero encontrar los tiranidos pronto..!!!! me muero de ganas de jugar de nuevo....

  4. The Space Marines managed to save the local population of planet W-13 from ork infestation.

    Many lives were lost but the imperium prevailed. Our honorable captain was lost in the battle and it will take time for us to recover our losses.

    Meanwhile we have received a distress signal from planet GP-7 and it will take 4 more days to arrive.

    Hahaha I think I've been reading too much Warhammer fluff lately. It was a fun evening and I hope you can make it this sunday woroxon!

  5. Ok I will try, but defintibly I wont be able to play during the holñy week.

  6. Yeah holy week it's going to be impossible for everybody. Well, at least I will get more of my army painted... which doesn't mean anything since we have way too many space marines.

    Tyranid, Orks, Space Marines... it's going to be a fun game day.

  7. How many points total does everyone have for their armies?

    I think I have around 4,000 total.

    Have you all played an Apocalypse game yet?



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