My First Ever Battle Report.

Last weekend I agreed with Reingard a local follower (the first one of many to come I hope),  to get together to play a bit, for both of us it was our first time.

The location was a  Wendy's because neither of us has  a proper place to play yet. ( it will be solved soon I hope),  as battle field we used 2 small tables. 

first I played against Reingard Brother I used my orks :
 the AoBR warboss I recently finished painting, the unpainted  Nobs
the Helichoppa and the 2 unpainted  def kopta
the Deff Dread I scratch build
and 32 Ork boys I had painted since 2000.

He used the Ultramarines I had since the same date in the same list as the AoBR panfletb ubut using my models.

Since we didn't have played before we didnt use terrain and a larger table setup

the game is was a blast even thought a lot of mistakes were done as using WS instead of BS for the first round of turns.

In the end the Orks won a resounding victory for further proof look at the picture where the mighty def dread managed to close on the SM Dread and later kill him.

by that time you can  see  that 70% of the ork army was eliminated and 75% of the SM army was intact. next turn only the dread remained.

After that the next game was between them while I watched but was unable to take more pictures due to lack of space. a note worth taking was that while the warboss was unstoppable, eliminated 4 terminators,the space marine captain only rolled ones or sixes but in the worst moments. there the defkopta  proved better and managed to kill 6 Space marines  from the tac squad.

to put it  simple  a wonderfull night but next time I hope to have ready more  units.


  1. Nice! I was waiting for the battle report. I might have 5 painted space marines for this sunday ;D

    hopefully in the next couple of weeks I might have my AOBR space marines fully painted and start on the necron battleforce to be a PITA for everyone muahahahaha ::evil::

    (raidengard's brother)

  2. thanks ashi, both ganes were great and I hope to another round maybe we can have enought minis and space for it to be a 3 way battle.

  3. I told my cousin and a friend and they are 90% sure they can go this Sunday. I'm thinking of taking my unpainted space marines along so that we can maybe have 2 1v1 matches at a time or a massive 2v2 or free for all :D

    Also gonna try to make some terrain for our battles. I have some bricks from WW2 dioramas.

    Hope you can make it this Sunday.

  4. Yeah, I don't know if it's OK with you. Thing is if they will let us play again :P

    also, inspired by your blog I decided to create one too.

    I think it's missing the part that says it's from Guatemala but I'll get to that.



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