Ork Dread goes to the paint shop.

Today I worked on the Ork Dreadnought I just primed black and dry brushed with tin bitz, followed by boltgun metal and then washed  with badab black currently is looking a bit obscured but I think it will work in the end, since it already looks good.

I already used some dwarf bronze in the exhaust pipe.


  1. This answers the question, what if an Ork would have made "The Terminator"? I look forward to see where you are going with this. Looks like it will end up very very cool when you are done.

  2. Hey! It seems that this made of metal. :-O
    Now it needs a lot of dirt and a lot of metal oxidized. :-P

  3. thank you, both for the comments, so far it is mostly metal but i plan on using some red and rust all over the place (for what ork would care for a shiny dread)



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