The third comming

for the orks since this Sunday game was great, in fact that I didn't take as many pictures as a proper battle report, in the end it was up to a dice roll who won  and for an instant I was sure the orks (Ashi's cousin and me) had won but alas it was not to be because the dice allowed another turn, but this time the fight was a proper one.

one of the highlights were the nobz bike rules but they suffer from 2 thing like when the owner doesn't have a proper number of models and loosing one is enough to force a morale check WICH IS BAD ir when the owner don't read the proper rulez and don't use the full optiosns for them.

The other were the  Defkoptas that made a lot of damage, until a bad move choice leave them in a bad position and therefore were punished.

at last I apologize for not taking more pictures but the game was so fun.


  1. It was very fun, we could use a bigger table though. Now that you have your trukks we need somewhere where they can run free like the wind haha.

    Space Marines need some loving too you know :P

  2. The Space Marines need a rhino or razorback:) (tip, get the razorback kit, doubles as a rhino)

    And I am happy to hear that you guys are having fun. Better fun than pictures:)


  3. I think that my new found love for all ork, is blinding me to get them a Land rider but it cant happend until july and only after a certain event im planing.



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