This Sunday Game adquired experience.

Ok. we played this sunday on a mall store that sells Magic the gathering  (ah memories of times past by),
The game will entertaining wasnt as fun as the previous 2 times, but we gained a lot of experience.
- First: we made the mistake of using a too narrow table that dint allowed for lateral movement and the Orks were too an easy target enviroment because of that.
- Second: we didn't measure deployment distances and learned the hard way that it is really important, because we expended 4 turns to start getting into close combat range.
 -Third: we need more terrain to help the orks that died in droves to missile fire that shouldnt have been. but that is related to point 1 and 2.
- Fourth: we are finally getting the hang of it because even when we played more points (1400) the game lasted only 3 hours.

the only sad issue was that Reingard lost 3 Orks, so we will be more carefull next time.

here are some pictures in no particular order:


  1. When I got home with my cousin, we played one quick match. With lots of terrain on a table a bit larger than the ones at Wendy's. It was with only the units from AoBR and it lasted less than an hour. We could do 3 matches with 500 points or a couple with 750 in 2 hours. We could theoretically play against each one of us. Try different units with different armies and different people. I think we could learn more that way.

    I think this game is as entertaining to watch as it is to play.

    Also, I was starving when we left. At Wendy's we have the restaurant right there :P

    I also want to invite on the next round of floats :D

  2. What armies do you have to play with? Just Orks?

  3. Glen currently we are mostly begginers with few models each.
    I provide most of the painted ork and space marines you see in our reports, but Ashi and Reingard have been stock piling some tau, chaos, space marines, orks and eldars.

    Aditionally I have some Gothic Fleets.



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