Next Sunday Game.

Since next sunday is the last time I will be able to play in march here are the particulars here.
First I finally find out mi game helpers from 3 edition and they look not too much outdated for 5 edition.  just a few updates here and there
There are 4 of this beauties and they will improve our gaming time.

Next the point limit will be 750 so we can play 2-3 games instead of one. I accept suggestion on what should be used but most of it will be from my limited collection.

Also I want to share a little something that I know will interest at least one person that reads my blog, and it is my 2 miniatures the Warlock and my Falcon, they have never been used in a game but that could change soon enough.

Until next time.


  1. Nice, That only makes me want to finish my Eldar even more. I don't even know what craftworld I will be painting though. Hoping that will change when I get my hands on the codex.

  2. :D this means we will need two warbosses! I was going to paint space marines today but now I think we need another warboss...

    Or I should stick to my plan. Man decisions decisions!

  3. The Eldar has the coolest designs on their vehicles. I personally think that Ulthwe and Biel-Tan looks the best. I myself will go for Alaitoc (unless I change my mind) but it is a simpler design in some ways.

    Again, the Eldar has the best paint schemes out there. Haven't seen anything that top them :)

  4. GENIAL...YA QUIERO VERLOS....en la foto se ve increible...muy buen trabajo en los detalles..
    jajaja por sierto ya hice mi blog...pasen dando algunos momentariaos...este es el link

  5. Bad thing is that they will be available for use as soon as Reingard has completed his army with proper blog posts and all.



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