Tooling up my trucks

Ok here im look at my shiny new boxes and unable to open up them until 24th  (like Xmas), so I want to start defining uses for them and with that here comes the points:

35 for the basic truck
+5 for the red paint that I will definitively use.
I'm unsure about wich one is better the big shoota or the rokit launcha so it might add +5
one of them and depending on reader imput maybe both of them will get the wrecking ball
so +10

I think that the boarding plank sound silly so  there it goes +5
finally +5 for the reinforced ram.
in the end I'm with 2 trucks worth between 55 and 65 points.
Not too much but I would like to hear recommendations for my new babies:


  1. I don't expect the Trukks to get close enough to use the wrecking ball so red, armour, and reenforcemed ram. Rokkit launcha sounds good too. Good punch.

    What kind of red do you intend to use? I am curious:)

  2. I don't think the Rokkit is a good idea. Your main use of the Trukks should be to get your boys where they are going - this means moving as fast as you can and you won't be able to fire the rokkit.

    Also, with a BS of 2 you will rarely be hitting with the single shot weapon.

    I find it best to keep the Trukks as cheap as possible - the Reinforced Ram can be worth it for tank shocking opponents off of objectives but Trukks are so weak that they usually won't last long enough to do this when it matters.

    I can't comment on the wrecking ball as I haven't used it but the boarding plank seems a better deal to me - they both serve the same purpose but the plank gets you more attacks.

  3. thanks to both of you for your comments, after reading with more care the rulez and they seem to be more good sounding than sound punch.

    in the end I will model my trucks without the ball and maybe also without the boarding plank

    the rockit might be good at disance as lucky shoot against vehicles but that is at best 1 in 100 shoots

    so the red will be sloopy one maybe machrite red under blood red with streaks of metal and some washes to make it look dirty.

    as always thanks to both of you.



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