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Ok I'm using a few minutes to post something that have been nagging me since I purchased all the new codices for 5th ed. some months ago, but first a little background: in 2000 I got into the hobby and managed to secured all the codices available in 3 edition up to the tau and necron ones (never got the tyranid one) back then the codices were small with few pages for fiction but still managed to pack a decently colored section that among the usual showcase included the following: Painting advice, tactical recommendations and modelling suggestions.
 Now my formal complaint: The current ones have tons of pages for fiction (although I will reserve judgement on the IG one) and a fairly decent number of pages for showcase but the Ork codex was the last of them to have army composition and modeling advice.
 I don't  really like the trend in the color pages since for me as modeller were helpful , however I want to know what you think from the newer books  and what do you like from them, for even with my current complaint there is no denying  that they have a lot to like.


  1. For good or bad I think that the idea is that they want painting advice in white dwarf or on their website. They do have some of that online but I think that they really should have one guide per model they sell, plus guides for each major faction within each army. They are far from that point. And as you say, I also use such guides for inspiration. Like my upcomming terminators. I want to incorperate red (secondary chapter color) and white (veterans) onto the models but need some inspiration to where I could use the colors. I am thinking of having the helmet and little shield in different colors and all cables to use the dark red I used on the melta.

    As a side note, privateer press has good hobby sections:)

  2. yes flekzzo and even GW had in their time a good selection of hobby articles now they are too much abreviated and sparse. now everything is oriented to a simple showcase.



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