Warbikers Progress

Today I advanced 2 of my warbikes applying some more paint here and there. here they are:
I like them red, that way they will go fazta.

the part I was more scared was the fenders that go in the front i leave them as they were until a few moments ago but they are already looking good.

Next step I will finish the bike bodies and start painting the Orks.


  1. wow they look amazing!

    I thought they look very cool on sunday but now they look insane.

  2. My favorite thing about your blog is your Orks. Always cool and always mean:) If you want some inspiration look at a blog called Among the way. I'm following if google fails to find you the link. It is in Swedish but the FW Nob bikes and Warboss he painted up for another guy (which is real good at painting himself) are awesome. And if you want to give any comments in English go right ahead. The owner of the blog is really nice.

    Just a little banged up and rusty (just a bit) with their mean green drivers on top. They are going to turn out great:) Look forward to more pictures as they always bring a smile!

  3. Nice bikes, hope I can pit them against my Eldars soon.

    Dude my cousin is getting a tau battleforce to start in the hobby! :D

  4. Also, I just made a blog.


  5. thanks flekkzo I already follow him and even thought I dont understand a bit his work trascends.



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