My AoBR Ork Nobz

A short post, for this weekend game I managed to paint my AoBR Nobz and found out that an old mini was properly sized to used as a nob here are the rest.
the  ork standard-bearer was converted to a Nob by simply attaching  some bits here and there I think it looks good.


  1. The standard nob looks awesome. Looks just like he was sculpted for that:) Too bad 40k Orks don't have musicians because a bagpipe, drum, or tuba Ork Nob would look awesome. Something about Orkz always makes me smile:)

  2. Thanks flekkzo, the standard bearer was in fact sculpted for that since he is a fantasy Orc standar bearer that I converted.

    and me too like a lot the orks now today I placed an order for 2 trucks and a sabol army transport.

  3. To that I can only say… Waaagh! :)

    Your Orks are always a treat. I look forward to seeing your full Waaagh! assembled and painted rolling over the field of battle.

    Any 'deffrollas for your Ork hordes? Bet you've read the new Ork FAQ :)



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