Action Report

Ok after a long drought I finally got to play with Ashi, Hellboy and one of Hellboy friends.

We got together early as usual in Wendys Z13 and more to our chagrin have found that it is empty on Saturdays while full on Sundays (maybe because it is near of a pedestrian route on Sundays).

Ashi managed to get a 3.5  x 6 feet table that we used and is more comfortable to play with.

we got 2 games with Ashi and Hellboy and his friend 1.  in the first one we played annihilation at aprox 1000 points using SM as proxies for Necrons It was a great game where I managed to get more skilled at loosing err fighting  (my bad)  it was a good game but nos as good as the last objective game were every one had a better and hair pitched battle. well at least the ork won as always for they never lose.

After that game we rearranged 2 AOBR forces with minimal changes (like  2 assault units in one SM army instead f Terminators and bikers instead of Defkoptas in one of  the ork amies)the games were a lot of fun and for the first time ever I managed to actually won a game. and it can be the precursor to a 1500 game that I would like to play the weekend after the next one.
Before I forgot Hellboy learn that unlike Ork Nob Bikers SM bikers are not made to be assaulting large Ork Mobs. Sadly i can post apicture for I didnt take it but sufice to say that 3 bikes were sourrounded by more that 30 orks... It was ugly I had 49 dice and couldnt roll all hits with them(even thought he valiantly managed to save a lot of wounds).
ugly indeed.

Here one last picture:


  1. bueno hola a todos,,, voy a tratar de escribir hoy en ingles para acoplarme al grupo...disculpen mi gramatica o los herrores que cometa...jejej:emotion not allow me to think that slaughter with the SM .....
    tires flying everywhere .... will try to remember what the bikes ... then I'll post the pictures I take ...

  2. This is what wargaming is all about. Having fun, kicking butt, and lots of Waaagh! Awesome looking models as well. Just need to get your boys into making terrain too:)

  3. Yes flerkzzo fut sadly My personal Mekboy is more of a vehicle builder that a terraformer.



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