Holy Week -- Semana Santa

Hello, today at noon the official holy week has started in my country. It is a tradition with rich history and beauty and I want to share a few pictures I found around the net
this is a procession and it is one of the ones that are done at la Antigua you can see the effort in the detail for the "Anda" they are usually heavy and many persons are required to take it around the route, some processions needs even exceed the 100 men per side.
The most important ones take place friday night when christ is mourned.
and for every single procession a lot of carpets are hand-made here is an example:
It is very common that more than a procession passes by the same streets so you see a lot of people rushing to create new carpets after a procession has passed where another is going to pass.

I hope you don't mind a post that  removed from my usual theme but I thought that you would like to know a bit more about my country and its traditions.


  1. Great post. I enjoyed the pictures and the explanations of the traditions.

  2. Am I turning into a colornerd? I just have to say that I love that purple color:)

    A post now and then that breaks with the hobby is very welcomed. There is a little spread out "virtual community" of likeminded people and I feel like I am getting to know some people in that community, so with posts like these I feel like someone is willing to share a little bit of himself (or herself, though I know of very few females that blog). So I am all for it!

    Plus it is interesting and so much more real than some TV documentary. And far more pleasant to read than the big blogwars going on. :)

    Enjoy the holiday!

  3. thanks to both I will intersped some like minded post every now and then.

    and flekzzo, youll love to be here during this week since all major procesions use purple for the uniforms a few others use black (mostly the friday ones) and others use white. and even there are romans in some processions.

    for the purple ones we call them cucuruchos.



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