Finished trucks

Ok after working hard last week for about 20hrs  I have finished  my trucks as I mentioned before I build some parts and then painted them. I did that because the model is very intricate and to get a good result the only other way was to paint everything before glueing it all.
not my style but not by much anyway. so here they are in parts.

as you can see here I added a bit of rust with a really watered down orange. it looks good.

First is Kruncha's front I hope at least the flames are not so bad.  then is Blazta's turn

Blazta's side plates here the flames look better, and both turcks have their name painted on their side plates I like it.

And finally my babies, Kruncha is at the left and blazta at the right they have some improvements like extra armor where the wrecking ball used to be and rotating turrets, I used the same heads for the crewz so the spiky ones belong to kruncha (for a better crunch).

they are so belligerent that they are similar but not the same even when used the same kit without additional bitz

My painting recipe is as follows a heavy overbrush of tin bitz followed by boltgun metal, the red areas where drybrushed machrite red then blood red some metal pieces where aplied with dwarf bronze and other colors , then a heavy wash of deblan mud mixed with baadab black toned down the color to what you see, from there it was just a mater of detail  colors like burnished gold in the guns and some dry brush of calthan brown on the wheels to finish it all.

I like the end results lets see hoe the do at next saturday battle and from thereon.


  1. van a ver increibles en el campo de batalla..LE QUEDARON MUY gusto mucho lo que logro con el anaranjado para el oxido..COMO SIEMPRE EXELENTE TRABAJO..!! :)

  2. Estan listos para el sabado a ver como se comportan
    ready for saturday lets see how they do.

  3. HA! they look amazing! Congratulations, they are a damn fine birthday present :D

    I looked up the rules for necron and we were doing it wrong. They won't be as powerful when we get to play them.

    I really like your orks though, my space marines don't look as appealing after visiting your blog.

  4. don't under rate your painting skills that are so good too Ashi.

    I also agree that we are still learning the rulez and we are strugling a lot.



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