Idea test drive

I have a question to make to you, since my mobs were in different sizes and I differentiated them by their shirts close combat were yellow and long-range white but now i have to resize them and I don't want to repaint my boyz I decided to decorate my bases with the serrated style that denotes troops choices and simple varying them by color choice to denote the different squads. what you thing it looks good?.


  1. I would try to invert the colors and have black on the bottom. I think that it might look better.

    Go for it :)

  2. thanks flekkzo I will try and let you now how it looks.

  3. I like it, looks very orky.

    But, after watching your new trukks these don't look on the same level. Your bikes deffkoptas warboss and now trukks all have this new amazing paint job.

    If it were up to me I would paint them all on the same paint scheme. Kinda make them all of the same tribe. Make them black from the goff tribe cause they are the baddest (I think that's how it's spelled) or bad moons they are very wealthy. Or the ones who like to ride bikes and paint everything red. Because everyone knows red goes faster (they have to pay more to the insurance company :P)

    Just kind of making a wish to the Ork gods, unite them under the same waaaagh. I know you don't want to but the Ork gods are calling.

  4. Ashi, just wait for me to get some more washes (Im burning mine like there is no tomorrow) and you will see them improved without much work.



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