And now for something different

For those that  follow my blog now that I like WHFB  and after seeing this picture in the release note for the new edition makes me lust for a good fantasy head bashing.

I drool at seeing that table and display of miniatures.


  1. I think that I will end up buying the rulebook. Can't keep away:) But a future army will have to wait. Though Orcs & Goblins… WAAAGH! :)

  2. Everytime I open my browser I have to resist the need to buy that ork vs dwarves set they have.

    Warriors of chaos looks so delicious! I had to buy one of those khorne lords on top of a juggernaut, couldn't resist. (he can be used for wh40k :P)

  3. How about the deamon prince then?:)

    After Orcs & Goblins my favorites are the elves. I like how the different armies are more diverse. Too much focus on the imperium in 40k;/

  4. After in WHFB the wood elves my favorites are the wood elves and in a distant third place the dwarfs.



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