How your armies affect you.

I been think about this for a while and want to share it with you and hear about your thoughs on it.

Back when I got into Warhammer 40k I choose Ultramarines mostly because the Blue color and after reading about them I liked them a lot beign the more white guys in a mostly gray or black universe) in that period I build my models by the book only once did I made a conversion  and it only was to make a kneeling marine. but after stating my blog for a strange  reason I got to make my orks my primary project,  so strong focus on them that you are hard pressed to find Ultramarine post or themes in my blog.  since then I have started to do things that where not possible before like DIY projects like my Helikopta or my Deff dread .  or building my kits on non standard ways like Krusha or Blazta.

As you can see my SM affected my by never deviating from the codex while my orks did it by open my mind to conversions and the like.

I would bet that armies players get affected in a similar fashion and would like to hear how?


  1. I started my wargaming with Warmachine, with no customizations needed nor done. Then I bought an Eldar Falcon. Still haven't painted it. Almost afraid to, it's a beautiful model as a lot of the Eldar range. Can't wait for a new codex (and new models). Then AoBR, more models, and here we are. Plus a number of codexes. And I want a Space Wolf army too. They speak to me. Viking werewolves, does it get any better!

    What inspires me is a combination of models and the Internet, more specifically certain blogs, this one included. Some great people did conversations and inspired me and made want to try too.

    So I did, little things, like the assault markings on my Assault Marines. And my grot marine. And I am sure I will make more in the future.

    I really think that plastic kits are wonderful for conversations, but nothing is as perfect of konversions as our good old Orks. WAAAGH!

    (should mention that I like fixing up bases too, there are a lot of simple stuff that can be done)

  2. I guess I will post once I start doing something apart from space marines :P

    But you expressed my sentiment very well. Space Marines I want to paint by the book, no deviations. I will get a taste for fixing up bases soon.

    Space marine predator comes in this week, some magnets on that one will be my first customization :D

  3. As I play the Imperial Guard, I have been fairly straight laced with them.

    Although I have deviated a little bit, I haven't gotten to radical. I haven't done any conversions, and so far I don't have any desire to. (I do enjoy others' conversions though).



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