AoBR Dread finished

I have finally finished my AoBR Dread (purchased about 1 year ago) overall I like how it ended up here are some pictures.

overall it took me about 5 hours to paint it up. I like how it looks.

for the multi melta I used  the color advice provided by Timweasel  at his blog and I like the end result.
one more picture with my first ever black bolter, I have always liked the red color more and I'm not sold on the black weapon scheme ye, but you have to try something somewhere and here it looked a good place to start.


  1. You finished before I had a chance to comment on the WIP:) Looking good mate! Didn't see any markings though. Is he an Ultramarine or from a home made chapter?

    I've found that I like metal and black weapons. Maybe a little very dark red sometimes. And I've also noticed that I like to use a lot of tin bitz and chaos black on meltas to make it look like it has been really hot and well used:) Not that I've been consistent with my painting.

    How much of your Space Marine army do you have painted? Curious of how it looks:)

  2. Ok It is an Ultramarine Dread, smurfs are the way to go for me actually, orks are just a temporary sickness (hahahahahahahahaha) I will add the chapter markings sometime in the almost near future for now a certain 2 projects in dev stage are taking my time.

  3. You have take a picture of all your Smurf Marines:)

  4. ok I will soon, since i have finally started to use them.



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