Nobz WIP 2

Ok last saturday at 3 pm I decided that my Nobz were in order to direct 5 of my mobz so I washed,dried  and primed them  then painted to table top standard in 4 hours. here are some pictures:

First the shooty Nob

it is my prefered nob

my runt is looking good.

here is the nob with the custom slugga done from parts of a discarded front and the rear of a big choppa it looks good:
here is the other mini conversion

and finally the rest:

overall they look good for only 4 hours of work from grey to table top.

for now they need detail work so they look good all around and not only from most of the angles.


  1. Four hours, wow, that's fast. Looks all propa orky too. Starting to get a good sized Ork force there.

    Four hours and I am half way done with a marine:)

  2. me too with 4 hours i can only half complete a tac squad it is faster with orks since they are so messy by definition

  3. 8 hrs for a tactical squad, then you still paint much faster than me:) Even my grot took me over six hours:)

  4. I alreayd said they looked very impressive and they do. Also impressive is the time it takeas for you to get them ready. I went to sleep at 2 am painting my AoBR Terminators. Woke up today early and started working on them but didn't manage to get them ready. Thats like 10 hours + what I already had on them. Fast is not a term I will get when talking about my painting.

    Kudos on the Nobz, can't wait to see them new tanks :D

  5. the benefit of working with orks is that to get them to table top standar it is really easy to do it. in the other hand if I work to Golden deamon standar then it will take a lot mpre time to achieve.



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