New challenges: tank a fighter.

Ok for the last few days the symptoms have been there, it was that I just wasnt paying attention, but after watching the whats new blog from games workshop I just can't deny it anymore I have Conversion Fever and It is striking hard this time, for those that have followed me for a while  now that I'm no stranger to totally scratch built or at least modify my models even though I'm a purist and usually don't like to make too much deviations  from the original model.

Ok so for starters I will start work on a new fighta bomba  and a new grot tank in the better style of the new Forge World ones.

What is the difficult part for the Tank... the tracks I thing that after doing the dread and seeing the picture the body is going to be the easy  part (hahahahahahaha).

now for the Fighta bomba I was looking LEGO mocks for inspiration and this is the model  I plan to use a goal.
 For this other challenge I have only resolved the front grill but anything else I difficult so lets see how it pans, for now I need to wait a bit for the plasticard sheets to arrive but I hope that they come soon.

and now If you have keep reading so far I need you to start getting ready the conversions that make you proud, size and complexity doesn't matter I will let you now next 5-9-2010.

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