A New round of head bashing.

This sunday we got together to play again and since i have a new shiny battle mission book we choose to play blitzkrieg from the ork missions. at 1200 points,  on our portable 6 by 2 1/2 feet battlefield.  (yeah we now that we need more but plans are underway to spice a bit more our stuff. with another table so we have 6 by 5 feet)

Orks won the initiative and deployed first after that we placed the 3 objectives, Ashi played orks, Hellboy space marines and i was the referee and sales pitch for we had an unusual  amount of admirers all impressed by the fact that our models are hand painted..

armies are as follows
2 tac squads
1Dev squad
1 bike squad
1 dread
 1 assault squad
1 land speeder squad
1 captain in terminator armour
for about 1200 points with upgrades (I might be forgetting 1 tact)

several mobs (like 6 ) of ork boyz
1 warbikerz mob
1 Nobz mob
2 trucks
3 defkoptas
1 warbozz
againg roughly for 1200 points with the proper upgrades like heavy armour for the nobz.

First Turn
Ashi tried unsuccessfully top deploy his trucks and moved forward the bikes and defkoptas nothing , then Hellboy moved his troops but failed to move further his assault squad.

Second Turn
Ashi brought his trucks into play and pushed forward his bikes and defkoptas, after that shooted against the SM assault squd and (ahem) assaulted it.  ashi managed to destroy the weapon from one of the land speeder
Hellboy failed to counter ashi's moves by moving his bikes in another direction and leaving his chaps alone. his dread come into play but was not properly used

Third turn
Ashi brought more reserves into play and procedeed to push his attack for the fartest objective using his warbikes as bait  aftter removing with them the last assault marine.
Hellboy brought more reserves into play  (2 tac squads ) and using everything at his disposal removed the warbikerz (I think it was a bad move since it failed to contain the real threat that was pushing for his objective) int the assault the dread lost one arm

Fourth turn
Ashi pushed and won control of all the objectives removing the other arm from the dread (here we have an open question what happens when a walker lose all arms?  it is destroyed or not?) and pushing even further.
here Hellboy really used properly his army shooting with glee at the mob in the near objective and destroying the truk and leaving only the nob but he had a lot of luck since he kept moving his troops in unplanned moves and give ashi free cover saves that help  a lot the orks.

Fifth turn
ashi keep pushing his foot loggers to the front so he could recover the lost ground on the far front managed to destroy the land speeder
hellboy keep shooting and managed to contest the middle point objective but it was not to last. and won control of the one in his side of the table.

In this turn is worth mentioning that one lucky shoot from the dev squad managed to destroy ashi's hope to control the objective in the SM side of the table.

look the fatefull six obtained in a distance of 33 inches.

Sixth turn
Ashi managed to remove almost all threats but one tac squad was near one of his objective. he managed to delay and screen it so in the end of the turn hell boy had one unit at 3 and a half inches while ashi was at 2 and a  half inches by one inch margin was decided that Ashi won the battle.

overall a great afternoon and as more troop choices are introduced more we like the game.

kerep tuned as we are getting better everytime.


  1. lol, I have one of those old card stock bunkers! I think I still have the patterns for them from that old WD too!

  2. I must confess that it is hellboy's work and is DIY from wood pieces he has talent indeed a bit rough but the potential is there.

  3. Gracias woroxon creo.jeje
    el resultado real fue un empate porq la unidad de Ork que llego al medio no se podia mover, se encontraba cuerpo a tierra... :) hehe y prometo poner mas cuidado a la hora de mover a las tropas..hehe



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