Sunday afternoon report.

Today Ashi and Reingard got together to do some head smashing, today we used all around defense but due to time constrains we didn't finished but I learnt something from what we played

First that ork pain boyz are the most effective defense since the prevent a lot of that usual damage Nobz take.

Second that ork mobz with properly armed Nobz are more powerful even if they are smaller..

sadly no pictures this time.


  1. Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun!

    Speaking of fun, Orks, and pictures, I've got a pic for you:) Is it OK to post a pic of my work on my webpage too? Kind of proud of my work:) Got a lot of hobby done this weekend, at least until I started to get sick:(

  2. I vote for picture postage on any site :D

    And it was a lot of fun, space marines kick ass even in small numbers. Did a terrible mistake by leaving most of the force to arrive on reserve. The marines that were left defending stood their ground valiantly.

    can't wait for next time

  3. Of course it is ok if you post your work in your blog flekzzo I have no problem with it even completed works as long as i have those nice pics of really neat conversions to keep my .
    and really named characters are a bane one killed 6 boys in one shooting phase lucky for my shooting attacks are only allowed one per turn unless a weapon allows more shoots if he had something like that i would be wiped out on turn 1.



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