My recent loot

After some tinkering my Mekboy decided that it was time for another round of CC sparring so he went to the trusty cave where shiny things are found (the warstore) and after some sparring with the local squig, he managed to get back the following:
  • some plastic cutters  1 Citadel, 1 P3 and 1 Gale Force Nine.
  • a choppa that has P3 in the handle
  • 2 vials of a famous P3 liquid that dilutes red paint
  • 1 rhino
  • 1 razorback
  • 1 whirlwind
  • 3 new brushes
in all a fairly decent loot but the mek boy is already thinking of doing another round well he start working or he will be going to the cave once more?


  1. Out of curiousity, why three cutters? I'm on my second one because I broke the first one, but I sure didn't plan for it:)

    Looks like a good pile of loot, but precious little for da WAAAGH!. Or are you planning on making some looted wagons?:) I still wish I could find a cheap horribly painted Rhino on eBay to give to a local mek (me) to restore to Orky glory:)

  2. thanks John, sad part it is going to be delay at my personal customs until wife accpets the I suddenly have 3 more thanks.

    and flekzzo, sadly only 1 is for me since my wife apropiated of my old citadel cutter and now we were in talks about who was the owner and to settle the issue I proposed to get a new one for her, problem with her is that she didnt want to decided over which one was better so I got 1 new cutter for me and 2 for her.. snif snif snif

    and about the tanks they are for my true love the ultramarines force, I plan to do heavy magnetics so I can field any combination of rhinos razorbacks and whirwind(well I now it is 1 max but there it is).

  3. Ultramarines are getting a lot of love lately.

  4. muvhas gracias Pablo, definitivamente seran aprovechados y seran armados tan dinamicamente como me sea posible.



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