Report from the trenches

Sir the infiltration unit has sent a report.

 It says that the mission has failed, repeat the complete mission has failed.

Detail as follows:

On Monday 14 the razorback unit was succesful infiltrated on enemy territory, wife didn't suspect anything due to a HQ relocation and a single new box didn't matter.
with the first success the plan proceeded and next window was on friday 18 the whirlwind unit was blatantly exposed but under controlled access taking advantage that a single new box didn't matter and the first one was concealed it was assumed by the enemy that it was the same new box.
emboldened by the previous 2 successes the last attempt to relocate all pending loot from the personal customs on the office to HQ was attempted yesterday. to proceed a mixup with approved goods that wife did required. but she finally started to ask questions that were answered with the out most truth it is the same new old box that she has been seeing for the last days but the interrogation continued well into the night and a failure must be reported.

Now she knows that A new unit has been acquired for the hobby. (lucky for the mission units 1 and 2 are in plain sight but cleverly concealed and accepted as a single unit overall).

With noting more to report until next month when  phase 2 approaches (CC bill is coming home at request and there is something I can't hide that good).

P.S. for those interested the give away end date is coming.


  1. haha I suspected a fission mailed when you didn't update your site for so long. That sucks. So... guess we won't be playing for a while. Hellboy and I are going to play this weekend with whatever army we have ready. I will take pictures and post a battle report :D

  2. yes, since the parameters of the missing dictated a full 3 units sucessfuly deployed in the new HQ as old purchases with out the inspect CC bill right invoked I got in serious trouble.

    Even mixing a delivery service for a friend didn't help because there where $200 unaccounted for and from my prefered dealer. so here im barely alive but not death yet, I hope that this is the last restrained weekend.

  3. Well, let's hope the warp doesn't stop your forces from arriving too late at the war :D

    Meanwhile I hope the machine spirit bless us with more transports and tanks for the emperor!

    Good Luck and the emperor guard your soul

  4. Good to hear from you mate! Better your wife's wrath than anything worse, though I do not know how anyone as nice as you could need any wrath.

    Speaking of hobby. Found these HALO (as in the video game) vehicles that would make awesome Ork buggies. Was close to shell out twenty bucks but I had my general with me:) But it would be awesome to do a proper konversion :)

  5. :s con razon no se resivieron informes de telepatas en un tiempo. jejejeje



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