And we have a Winner

Hi, Here I'm to announce the Give Away Winner but first I want to thank those that participated every entry is really appreciated.
Jason Turner
Ross H
Dan Phelan
and Ashi that due to a misunderstanding didn't make it. but don't worry there is going to be a next time.
So the lucky winner is:   Flekzzo
 I used the third-party service from Random Org and every one can go there to verify the results.
I hope that the next year to do better. (hopefully there is going to be a next year) and keep coming back for more.



  1. Grats! Are we gonna see the winning entry? :)

  2. Of course and all entries, is just that i have been so busy that I barely made the drawing.
    but tody I will post them all and If im lucky I will be able to create a gallery.

  3. Congrats! I can't wait to see all the other entries!

  4. Wow! This is awesome. It was an awesome comp, good theme. You should make it a yearly tradition. I really like these online competitions, they make me more creative and inspire me.

    My thoughts on what to do with the price is threefold. One box for konversions, one that I want but wouldn't have bought ( so just for pure hobby enjoyment ) and one for… a future price:) Yes, in the spirit of this site I will hold a competition in the near-ish future. Keep your eyes on my blog (that has been silent since I have recently moved, and as soon as the pet rats have their own table to have their cage on and a chair has been acquired I will have my hobby room!) so as to not miss it. Creativity and good spirit will be rewarded:)

    Here's a virtual toast to one of my favorite blogs, may your next year be peaceful in life and violent on the gaming table. WAAAGH!



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