Ork Fighta challenge wip 3

Ok today I decided to continue working on the Ork Fight, so I took a plastic sheet to create the wings.

where is the fighta looking better with them

I added some tubing to reinforce the wing union.

I also added a burna boys tank to the right side of the fighta. an a mekboy banner to the top.

then I started to cut some rivets

and then I proceeded to glue them and it is starting to look great.

Overall the fighta is looking great and I hope that is finished  soon.


  1. Very nice! Sure beats buying one from Forge World. Their prices are whew, high!

  2. yes, only draw back is that is a bit dificult.

  3. I think it needs more grots. Other than that it is turning out great. Love your scratch builds:)

  4. I will get some grots, so it looks more orky.

  5. Esta muy bueno el modelo...tiene que decirme en donde puedo conseguir ese material :p



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