Ork Fighta challenge wip 2

I start this post with the pleasure of knowing that there are new recruits and that is a great thing since they bring more variety to our group.

And now my ork fighta received it fair share of work (about 1 hour I had to spare) and the first I added some intakes on the sides  then adorned the front grill  and finally added some patches, next objective is to create the wings .

I don't like this picture because even when the side intake it  doesn't shows the enhance I did on the front. but i fixe that with the following 2 pictures that show the front in more detail:

here I like how the plastic pieces look like real metal patches.

Remember tomorrow about this time I will pick the anniversary give away so if you are planing to send something you still have about 1400 minutes to do it.

I'm awating.

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