New challenge finally started

Ok.I finally got some free time and here is one big mega update.

First the blog anniversary is next week and so far only 3 followers have submitted entries, So far all submissions have been great.

with that out of the window I want to present my initial work on a project that was announced a long time ago (last month  or it was two months ago, work has been really hard and I can't tell.)

Yesterday I decided that I really should be working on my Ork Fighta, since the beginning I choose a rather boxy design first because it is simpler to do and because orks don't bother with aesthetics

my basis for the design is the following MOC:

I used the image without permission since I don't know where my brother got it some time ago.

any way I decided to move forward and first decided to use a single piece body

After that I cut 3 pieces to build the internal structure and proceeded to attach the parts.

The proceeded to  add the first details with a grill to the front since they are orks and they are by no means neat with their work I did my sloppy best.

After  that I added a hole where I plan to put the cockpit.

Next  I added some exhausts pipes again I did it simple on purpose.  taking advantage that  a hole in the tail that didn't have a suitable fix and no remotely logical place  to place the engines, I glued some tubes there and job done.

I don't know when I will be able to keep working on the new challenge but I hope is next weekend at most.

Till next time (at most on July 10 since those the have entered the giveaway will need to know who won).


  1. Indeed, the misaligned louvers on that air intake are very Orky!

  2. Thanks for the comment, I hope I get and end result that is good, for now my primary concers are the wingas joins and the landing gear, the first because I want that it be robust and the second because I dont have any landing gear so I will need to figure something like the valkirie.

  3. awesome work and the most amazing part is that it only took two days. really amazing

  4. I love your scratch builds. By far my favorite of your endevours:) The orkier the better. I think that the ramshackle nature of Orks makes it a perfect thing to work with. Makes me want to pick up that HALO toy and Ork it up:)

  5. thanks to both.

    so far Ashi I have only worked friday night (about 3hours) and saturday night (another 2 hours).

    Yesterday I worked another half hour and I will post later tonight the results.

    and thanks Flekzzo, I hope to see your ork wagon soon. hehehehehe

  6. Hello,

    WE recently moved to Guatemala and are 40Kers. I play IG, my middle son plays Tau and my youngest son plays Orks.

    How and where do you get your models & paints (especially black primer paint)? We brought our armies with us and most of our paints, but we are wondering what you use to primer your models?

    Thanks for any help!


  7. I use model masters' flat black with an airbrush. It's about Q40 at either universal hobbies or the store in plaza obelisco.

    Nice to know there are more 40kers in Guatemala :D :D

  8. Hello Glen

    Is a pleasure to welcome you and your family in Guatemala. Sadly I must tell you that we import all our stuff, becuase there is no GW dedicated store, luckly about the black paint we use as primer there are some options as Ashi said first there is universal hobbies near pollo campero in la avenida de las Americas Av. or the store that is a bit hiden in Plaza Obelisco next to Los Proceres. my preference is for testors flat black spray since it is easy to use but it is a bit expensive.

    If you want to get in touch with us, just give me a call my number is: five four 14 five 6 3 four, is my mobile and I usually have it around.

  9. Thanks for the help & location of some stores! I think I actually know where Plaza Obelisco is. I don't know Guate city very well, but I am OK with Calz Roosevelt and as it changes names.

    We live in San Lucas, so we aren't too far away.

  10. Well, I thought I knew where I was going to Plz Obelisco yesterday. Went to Proceres by mistake. Went back today, found the Hobby store only to find out it is closed on Sundays! Ahhhhh. LOL I have tomorrow off, maybe then.

  11. Sad to hear that you have been unable to get to the hobbie store. anyway we are going to show up at wendys next sunday (07-25-10) if you are interested you are welcome.



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