Work progress on my lootas.

Since tomorrow there is a new war session at wendys Z.13 at 1pm, I decided that My army needed new recruits. so here there are my new boys  a 10 ork mob of lootas, 2 of them Mekboys .

I hope they do well tomorrow, for now they number 150pts from an elite unit, I think that it will be great fun poping out some blue cans or break shiny green metal sticks.

two pictures of the whole unit.

a View of the boys already based
A close up for the mekboys, i like the black metal shine that the one in the left got very good.
And one more time what i see is a lot of orks but that is good.

1 comment:

  1. como siempre ha logrado un muy buen trabajo, estan super!!!
    me gustan mucho



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