Getting ready for sunday.

-- Local Notice --
Ok next sunday is scheduled time for a good old-fashioned romp. At 1pm in the usual wendys (z13)  I hope to bring my lootas too, I just need so free time  to complete them (Is just me or did I see my sanity check running away laughing out really loud).

The usual suspects will be entering the fray orks (about 1500 pts) versus whatever ashi, Reingard and Hellboy manage to come up with,.

If I'm abler I might take with me some cardboard piece that looks like terrain and/or the fighta in its current incarnation.

so I hope to see a really good fight then, until next time.

Guys I hope to see something else besides SM and Orks from you.

P.S. I'm really tempted to buy one Sabol Army transport so my orks don't get damaged, so far I have managed to keep it in check but is really tempting.


  1. Sounds like ubber fun! Do you have the armies selected yet. or does that happen when everyone arrives?

  2. }It depends usually we select the army on the spot since we didnt used to have a lot of armies and/or terrain so if you want to you can bring up to 1500 pts that is what we have been playing around now and for what we have space.



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