Today's Work.

Ok today I go some time to work on the hobby and I managed to complete my first objetive marker, since I had some Fuel barrels I decided that they would make a regular marker, so I painted a medium base and then glued them.
They look better after I added a couple of static grass patches.

Next I grabbed my old Maernus Calgar and applied some blue wash, it enhanced the looks of him, next I changed the yellow decoration to a golden one. I think he looks way better
Next in order was my old space Captain in Terminator Armour  just added blue wash

Next was my Ork nob with waggg banner that needed a new base so I did a new base for him.
Finally i was my Def Dread turn and I also worked on the base where I didnt finished but is coming along great
until next time, I will be working on my Space Hulk Terminators


  1. Nice job on the obj markers. I like your basing on your models; it really accentuates the models quite well.

  2. thanks Glenn i have just getting the hang of it but from your comentaries i felt better



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