this week works

I have been so taxed by work of late the I wonder how I manage to do the bit of work I manage to do on my minis. today I started work on my Space Hulk Librarian so far it is a shame that all the space hulk minis require a lot of work.

Aside from him I created a second objective, an energy station  or something like that i like how it looks.

so far I think it is going to be until next week.


  1. Nice powerstation!

    Penlids, water bottlecap and straws?

    I might have to make one of those :P

  2. Thanks Karitas I had a power connector that looks way more interesting but somehow I lost it so it will be another power device in a future post (I hope to do find it) any way is amazing how useful are the plastic pieces that you discard daily. and just wait to see what I manage to do with the packaging that came with my new laptop.



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