A bit more of progress with my AoBR Space marines.

I have keep having a busy schedule at work with up to 12hrs a day so my progress hasn’t been as good as I hope but here are some pictures to show my progress on my Space Marines Troops.


Currently I have applied Mordian Blue, Space Marines Blue, Blue Wash and final coat of the space marines blue.  after that fortress grey for the seals and scorched brown for the areas where gold is going to be applied.




until next time.


  1. That blue looks really good. They should look great when they're finished.

  2. Batch painting makes it kind of "explode" at the end when the models gets done real fast:)

    Bet you want to see the new Ultramarines movie after painting all that blue. But remember that the real heroes are the Imperial Fists:)

  3. @sonsoftaurus, thanks I really like how they look shaded so far. i have little time but tonight I hope to have a bit more progress.

    @flekzzo I'm broken but I might sneak a certain movie purchase.

    About painting minis I try to do them in batches because even if I have little time progress is more apparent.



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