New progress for my AoBR Space Marines

Today I finally took about the better part of 4 hours to advance in my AoBR Ultramarines. progress is too slow.


The slower part is coming as more and more details need to be painted for the minis.

DSC03285A bit detail is that I used brown for the gold parts even the ones that are based on mithril silver instead of burnished gold.


till next time I hope to have more advances.


  1. Those bases looks real sweet. Not as sweet as your gene-stealer basis but still real nice.

    What kind of list are you thinking of playing with your ultramarines?

    Speaking of Ultramarines, I think I will ask Santa for the movie:)

  2. thnaks, the bases are a collection of diferent tipes of snads plus some components from the 40k basing kit, the are starting to look interesting but wait a bit and you'll see them painted.
    about the composition, right now Im painting what minis I have unpainted and so far it is a foot list but i want to purchase some tanks besides the movie.



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