I'm alive. A year after.

Hi there, work has preclude everything around here, so time for the hobby, even reading time has been null, with that in mind I decided that I needed to work a bit on my space marines, I still haven’t painted any of my Space Marines troops from the AOBR I purchased 2 years ago. So I grabbed my bitz bag and cleaned my boys here they are taking a relaxing bath.



I will try to base them today before sleeping for my work day that todays starts at 10pm and ends tomorrow at 11am. so they will be ready for priming tomorrow. This time I will use white as basecoat unless I manage to find a blue undercoat that lets me get the most of them.

here are the parts so you can guess what is going to be painted.



As a personal challenge and after checking the progress hellboy and Reingard are doing with their armies, I think that I will finish all the foot sloggers, before the complete their current armies. hint, hint.


until next time I hope. I just hope it is not so long.


  1. Welcome back:)

    I have started to thin my paints with a magic mixture (25% Liquitex Slow-Dri, 25% Winsor and Newton Flow Improver 50% Water) and wow does the paint go on better, especially on a white primer. Can't recommend it enough. A nice thin layer of Mordian Blue should set you up just fine for a base for your space smurfs :)

    That's unless you have an airbrush (and have the energy to get it out of the closet, which I will have to for my upcoming Land Raider) :)

    Also if anyone of you feel like you need a nice sleek Eldar Heavy Skimmer, for free, check out:


    *shameless self promotion*

    Also check out my pumpkins, I am pretty sure you will enjoy them a lot :)

  2. Welcome back!
    I hope to see more form you soon :)

  3. @Klaus thanks for the compliment, I have the ork figtha pending and I want to improve it by following your advice with the NightHawk to improve the wings and get a more realistic look. but it needs time and I hope it something I finally got.

    @Flekkzo thanks for the advice I will look for them in amazon and order as soon as posible. it is a shame that there is no shop here for that.

  4. They should have products like that in generic art stores though. Neither of the brands are catering to the miniature painters really. Also there are other mixes people use and I just picked one at random from someone whom I like the work done.

    In other words, don't blow too much money on it, and if possible don't get small bottles. I also got a pretty nice cleaner/conditioner at the same time called Weber Turpenoid Natural that seems to do nice things to my brushes, especially since the brush soap seems to dry them a bit.

    I'll report more on the subject when my super brushes arrives in the mail :)

    I bought the supplies from www.dickblick.com directly in the store (they didn't have any of the brushes I wanted to try *grrr*) and the brushes I ordered online at http://www.secretweaponminiatures.com .

    Also, what did you think of my awesome pumpkins?

    Next year I am thinking of doing Imperial Fists instead:)

  5. yeah currently im thining with P3 diluting agent. so far it is working

  6. P3 is suppose to be very good from what I've heard (same with Reaper) so using the magic formula might not really give you much in return. I wouldn't recommend spending a fortune on it at least.

  7. yes every oenny counts, but here in guatemala there aren't too many options that is why one must resort to amazon and the likes, and by going that way one must commit a good amount in shipping, so when I do order, it is at least an amount that makes a pain in the wallet but that also dilutes the shipping cost. btw 1 pound usually cost $13 to ship.



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