Trouble on the horizon for me.

I'm in a dark love now, for I have seen the new dark eldar And I was thinking that the release date was until next year (where I got I bad?).


so after I saw this I new I need to have the codex at least, I hope to have the strength to resist getting a battle force.

so much prince of Persia I think, any way that is cool.


  1. lo sabia.. :p jajajaj salian antes....verdad q estan increibles
    yo tambien quiero unos mios...

  2. I do wonder what they will include in the battleforce. It will be the codex for me and maybe Lilith. My personal favorites are the Reavers and how Jes explained that they share the same base as a future update to the Eldar jetbikes:)

    Good thing that the next codex after the DE seems to be deamonhunters as I don't really care:) I am looking for new Eldar, Ork, and Marine codexes myself (Space wolves look fine:)).

  3. I will resist. I have two many unfinished armies already. I will resist............

  4. @Hellboy
    si solo nos falta ver el battle force.

    @Flekzzo,I also await the ork codex, so far i have all the codices that have been released because I love fiction and that is one of the strong points that makes GW what it is.

    @John a sad fact is that the new minis are so good looking and maybe one or to more minis in the closet wont hurt so much, i really hope you can resist but I think we all know better.

  5. lol I will resist too. Everyday in my kitchen there is a couple of boxes that remind me not to buy anything else.



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