Using Brown as gold base color for my AoBR Space Marines.

I have heard about it before but never applied to gained  knowledge until recently, when painting gold instead of using black try brown it gives you a better gold color, here I have  two of my old Space Marines with gold

Compare them to my new Space Marine with brown under the 2 techniques I used to paint gold.
the first is plain Shining Gold over Scorched Brown on the shoulder pad rims, it still lacks the Burnished Gold and Mithril Silver highlights.

The second is Mithril Silver over Scorched Brown followed by the first Grypone Sepia wash.

For me the gold parts are better defined and richer when I use brown. what you think about it.

Minor update: I corrected some cases and words, added the word wash after the second technique and added the word Gold after Burnished in the second paragraph.


  1. I love this technique and have used it happily for years and years. I much prefer the way gold looks over brown vs. black. The gold in your second picture looks to me richer and more lustrous. Nice work!

  2. thanks Papa JJ I have hear about it but only recently have started to us it so I wanted to post about it

  3. When reading how GW does it they mix brown (scorched I think but not sure) and gold in a 1:1 mix and paint as a base color. So to me it sounds like you are on the right track of creating a nice rich gold that you like.

    I used to base my gold with tin bitz and drybrush the golds on top of that. I'm trying a new red gold technique on my terminators. Should have pictures soonish:)

  4. great I hope to see the pictures soon flekkzo. for I would like to see it.



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