My AOBR space marines progress IV.

Today I worked a bit on my Terminators, so far they are more advanced but they need the detail finish to be acceptable.
WARNING: THIS IS A REALLY LONG PHOTO HEAVY POST ( I will break it sop it is not too heavy on the front page).
first a group shot or two:
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The Captain
He needs a touch on the skin, I really hate to use models without helmet. it is not my style but sometimes you have to do lemonade when all you got are lemons.

Next the terminators one by one.
Terminator 1
Terminator 2
Terminator 3
Terminator 4

I really like how the bases look now each one is unique due to the fact that I used 3 different sands and some bits from the 40k basing kit, they maybe just need some static grass.
So far they are at about 70% done but at least they are already table top ready, sadly I wont be able to work on them for the next few days since tax season has started and I must complete all the paperwork.
Until then I wish you all the best.


  1. Looking good! The bases looks great (except my aversion to anything but black rims on bases, with the exception of your ork ones which fit so well), with bases like that you don't need to buy resin bases for sure.

    And only 70% done. That means that you will more than likely do all the things I felt were missing, like text on the purity seals, Ultramarine logo, something for the shield, etc. It's too bad I can't get to play you and your smurfs, would be awesome to see all that blue and yellow on one table:)

  2. you are correct Flekzzo,I use green for the rim on all my Ultramarines because that is the color I choose since the beginning, same as my orks, and about you felling that something was missing you are correct the purity seal and the shields aren't done as the arms and some touches that they need done.
    thank as always.

  3. I feel the same about painting heads. We pinkos (or darker shades) are quite hard to paint:) I do use Tallarn Flesh plus Ogryn wash when I have to paint skin though. Did my Terminator Sergeant that way.

    Can't do the Dark Eldar Wyches that way though. I am trying to cook up some ideas in my head for that one:) I want a super pale bluish look.



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