Feliz año nuevo 2011


Hello since today is special for most of us I want ta take a look back to all done in 2010 and set general goals for 2011.

About 2010:

Sadly I think that It has been a slow year, I did more post these year but in 2009 I posted more frequently, on the good side I finally got to play with the good Hellboy, Ashi and Hellboy.  The anniversary giveaway was good enough and I already have some plans IF work is still an option. My Ork army has grow a lot. in brief a good year but it could have been better.

For 2011:

I plan to post more, and improve my skills, play more and organize some kind of mini recurring tournament and a campaign. work hard so once more I can do  the anniversary giveaway.

Lets keep it simple so it can be done.

A few words of THANKS

As a farewell to 2010, I want to thank Hellboy, Ashi and Hellboy, your friendship has been  good and I hope it comes greater.

To Flekkzo, you have been a good companion along the way my blog has traveling from the beginning, your advice and appreciation of my work are really meaningful to me.

To Ron  you are a light that really inspire a lot of gamers. thank for your work.

To all of you that follow my blog you make me keep going on, I hope that next year we keep along all the way.

To everyone and your families a happy 2011.


  1. pusiste hellboy dos veces en cada saludo haha.

    feliz año nuevo! que te la hayas pasado super y que tus propositos de warhammer y del resto se cumplan

  2. que bein el sueño me impidio ver queno puse reingard hahahahahahaha



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