My Ork Bike Bases

After doing the bases for my Space Marines Bikes I decided that I wanted something similar with my Orks so tonight I started on the first of six that I need.
The plan is to resemble  battle zone terrain so instead of the flat surface that I used on the Space Marines Bikes that I did recently we need to have a rough one that is going to be accomplished using some sand and broken plastic pieces. Well I have take so long introducing the post so here is the part that is going to interest you.


To create the bases we need:
  • Mixed sand the more varied the grains the better.
  • Plastic tubes
  • Plastic sheets
  • A bit of phone wire.
  • various bitz to decorate.


To start we can cut some plastic tubes to represent uprooted tubes
Next a piece of plastic sheet shaped with irregular borders, Also to start decorating the base with more complex patterns I twisted some wire into a coil shape and glue it to the base. (sadly I forgot to take a picture here).
with the plastic bitz glued in place the next step is to apply PVA glue  and sprinkle some sand over.
After the sand have dried you should have something like what you can see in the following picture:

in the following post you’ll see the painting process.
till next time.



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