Starting my adventure creating a Warhammer 40k campaign

Ok, I have never before done that but you have to start somewhere, since it is one of the goals for 2011.
To start I need to define what elements are needed to create a successful campaign on your own, like:
  • Setting
  • Narrative or story
  • Rules
  • Scoring or control system
I think those are the main elements needed to design a campaign.


Defining the place is great because it helps define  your narrative, if done right it will easy the narrative part of the rules.
So far I think that  the ideal setting for my long term campaign (it should run for 10 months because we don’t get to play each 2 weeks) is an undiscovered planet near the Tau region where the warp storms have finally recede enough to travel there.
The  location is near Tau, Orks, the Imperium and Eldar, besides them what malignant forces could have been left behind by the terrible Warp storms,and Tyranids could arrive there anyway for one never is sure where a new tendril might arrive.


After discovering the planet Imperial augurs have been able to detect enormous quantities of key mineral assets so the empire decreed that the nearby a Ultramarine Company did investigate the surface in advance of Imperial Colonist, unknown to every one the planet in question was a lost maiden world so the eldar will protect it from every one else.
While the troops are dispatched strange things are happening near the planet like the psy silent that is now so associated with Tyranids or worst yet an space hulk had been detected some centuries ago in its direction, what could be there, and last since the planet is near the Tau Sphere it might be concluded that they could sent a cadre ready to investigate.

That is what I have ready so far let me decide later on the rules ant tracking system.


  1. Sounds like a fun start to be sure:) Awesome stuff. Let us know how it turns out:)

  2. Thanks Flekkzo and of course you will for I intend to post all the phases of the campaign here (from inception to final results), it even occurs to me that we can do a video battle someday something small that can be video taped



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