A Picture post

Today I will post a picture only post from the various terminators I'm working on:
Since it is a Picture heavy post please go to the post directly

first some Space Hulk goodness
next ultramarines:


  1. What color are you using on the shields? Because I can tell you that the Termies looks awesome, but I can't figure out if you used tausept ochra or bubonic brown or iyanden darksun. Looks real neat though:)

  2. It is Tau Sep Ochre, I need to do some highlitghts with Iyanden Darksun

  3. Looks splendid. Can always mix in a little bleached bone for a lighter shade. Either way your ultramarines looks like they will shine :)

    On an unrelated note, ever though of having all the members of WAAAGH woroxon on the same blog?

  4. Thanks for the comments, I will try it, on mixing so far it has been a choice because I wanted them to have the initiative to post but it could help so I will consider it.



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