Why you started to blog?

Hello Today I was daydreaming of me blogging about my favorite subject and suddenly I came to the realization of why I started to blog. it was pure greed and I must confess it, because although I have already planned to blog and I already had decided to do it about Warhammer but because  of laziness nothing was done, that was  until Santa Cruz Warhammer ran a give away that I cared for, I didn’t win in that event but in the end I ended up wining a lot because I earned a lot of friends and experience. for that I'm really happy but this tale have sparked my curiosity to know why you started to blog and if you blog of other things what came before, the other things or Warhammer.

I hope to hear from all of you.


  1. My primary impetus was the impending closing of the forum community I normally posted my stuff on. I had been looking at other sites, but nothing really felt right, and with the example blog of another local player as a guide I started up one of my own, at first mainly as a way to avoid losing all my old work, but it's grown since then.

  2. great that is nicer motive than mine. is always great to know that it has been an enriching experience for more than myself.

  3. I thought that starting a blog could be something fun, and I always felt that being able to share my "work" makes me happy. So my blog is really a log, on the web, of what hobby stuff I am up to.

  4. yeah same as flekkzo, also inspired by woroxon :)

    I like to see my progress and this is a great way to do it.

  5. dude you left:

    objective markers
    white scenery
    assault on black reach quick guide

    I think that's it. Awesome games today, I lost oh so bad. I think I spend too much time painting and reading painting guides and not on how to actually win games hahaha

  6. Peer Pressure from you guys! :p

  7. Jose I'm already looking to battle you, next Saturday is coming slowly.



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