Choosing colors for your base is important too.

After so long working on your most fantastic paint job ever, you put a base on it only to discover that something is not quite right?

Have you though about it? What it could be?

To illustrate my point I will use unfinished models but they will suffice. First the non matching bases one black and the other white.

thirdedition sargentTac trooper white base

The models look good  and many hobbyists  will stop at that point (well I know the face on the first one needs a bit of work but that is for another post) but after some extra work here they are:

Tac Seargent painted base tac marine painted marine

Now the models themselves haven’t changed but they look better on the second round, why? it is simple the base is an extension of your model, so the colors you chose for it become part of it. When you get that point you will understand that you can also apply the advice given by SandWyrm on his color theory series to choose the colors for your base to get a more unified  and better looking model.

I know the article is short but the idea is to give you food for though so you can start reviewing your basing strategy and in turn get better results with your mimis.


  1. You have made some pretty awesome bases. I urge anyone who wants to made some very awesome bases to take a look at them.

    Also when I started painting I started with warmachine (cygnar) so I got used to black rims on the bases. Never quite got used to brown or green:) I like Woroxon's Ork bases though, they are awsome.

  2. Buen post.. corto y conciso, ademas lo de la teorĂ­a del color esta interesante.

  3. @Flekkzo, thanks once more, and about your selection of black rim is OK as long as you compensate for it or integrate it into your model, not every one does and then is when the model doesn't look right.

  4. @hellboy, que bien la idea era esa, ya que he visto algunos ejemplos donde la miniatura esta excelente pero al verla en su base no cuadra.

  5. It's usually just the rim that is black, I try to do something more interesting with the rest of the base. I've got five Eldar Rangers with some pretty cool resin bases coming up. Still going to be black rims though :)

  6. What I like about the bases in the warmachine range is that they seem to frame the diorama and hence why they work so good with black but not so with the GW ones. anyway the advice is more geared towards the fact the you must take into consideration the colors of your base when doing your mini so you end up with a beautiful piece.

  7. I think one of the reasons why the Warmachine / Hordes bases looks so nice is that the side is beveled and not straight. Frames it nicer.



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