Workspace hacking day.

I have for the longest of time the idea to have my PC placed against the wall, unfortunately the area where I have it is a NO drill zone, so I brewed a hidden plan to at least hack something that satiates my need for vertical space usage, it has been a long time but today I got my hands on a hook that fulfilled my needs, it is a shame that I remembered too late that some pictures where in order /but here they are anyway.


My small workspace with the first notebook stress test (it was really stressing to let it sit there for a while, I though it was eons), after all was good and proper I decided  to fire up everything and test usability.


Here I’m placing everything back in the desk.


As you can see from the elevated picture The third monitor is not going to be easy to use but is not uncomfortable, any way my primary and secondary monitors are all I need

That is all for now. I'm happy that now I have a bit more space for that lot of almost finished minis that have been around from the longest of times.


  1. Cool ideas there. Like it when people gets creative. You'd make a mekboy proud and now you'll have more mek space :)

  2. just wait for me to get some magnetic strips some day and you will learn the purpose if the empty space next to the laptop.

    thanks and from what i recall you are not a shaby mek boy either.



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