Magnetizing my STC weapons STC magnetics Part 2.

Yesterday I worked on my STC weapons, first the I added magnets to the second  Rhino hull, here  magnet placement is key for it will make or break your overall work.
careful drilling is only needed to the point where you center the position of your magnet, next you need to enlarge your hole so the magnet fits in there.
I did it with  a file as you can see. next in line were the weapons that only needed drilling in the contact point in the middle, the other holes are natural fits for 1/8 by 1/16 magnets.

Careful orientation of the magnets is mandatory here since they are powerful and they will be in close proximity, if you are careless you will pay by having weapons that repel themselves or the magnetic join.
I used the Dremel to shape the middle holes that form the contact point in to the correct shape to accommodate the magnets.
A cautionary word of advice: when testing the weapon alignment be careful when testing the orientation of the weapons never test a left weapon with another left one.  I didn’t pay attention and I had to make a hole in the laser weapons(they were the easier to correct.) to have a working set that worked with a middle join.
Next I place some pins in the weapons enclosure and it worked like a charm:
Only thing I regret is that I didn’t take in to consideration that a smaller pin would allow the plastic fins to still function as guides for the placement of the armor.
next the whirlwind weapons.
those were tricky because I didn’t want any extra weight on the missile launcher enclosure so I only added 4 magnets  as you can see, besides that I added a couple of metal pins on the warheads.
here are the final results:
the heavy bolters
The lasgunsDSC03410
and finally the whirlwind.
that is so far the magnetic work I have done stay tuned for more.


  1. Good job. It looks as though this project is coming along nicely.

    Remind me where you got your magnets from?

  2. Here are the links for both sizes

    the smaller ones

    and the medium size

    I usually got my stuff from amazon since I must import it to my country, and they are safer.



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